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How to Do Fulfillment in E-commerce?

How to Do Fulfillment in E-commerce?

How to Do Fulfillment in E-commerce?

How to Do Fulfillment in E-commerce cargonxt
How to Do Fulfillment in E-commerce cargonxt

There are main processes that every brand that wants to implement the Fulfillment service in e-commerce must manage.      

  • Warehouse management

  • Order management

  • Product packaging

  • Product shipping process

  • Customer communication

 Such processes should be well managed by brands that want to provide fulfillment services in e-commerce. Let's take a look at these processes in detail.

 Warehouse Management Process

 The first process that people and businesses looking for an answer to the question of how to do fulfillment should know is the warehouse management process. Because every brand that wants to sell in stock needs to stock up on a product stock in order to sell products. Generally, brands also stock their products in warehouses.

The factors that every brand that wants to establish a Fulfillment service structure in e-commerce with warehouse management should pay attention to are factors such as space use in warehouses, product stocks, and transportation process. Brands that manage this process well complete the first process in the Fulfillment service structure. 

Thus, e-commerce companies manage the products and services they sell well and increase customer satisfaction by delivering orders to their customers quickly. Businesses that want to manage this process well take care to use warehouse management systems, or WMS for short. 

Order Management

If you are wondering how to do fulfillment, you should know another process. The order management process is the name given to the process in which brands deliver the products and services they sell to the customers who buy them. At this point, it is necessary to give importance to every process from product pricing to record attitude, from stock control to order tracking.

Generally, brands that want to manage this process well reduce their responsibilities and increase employee productivity thanks to various companies that carry out e-commerce Fulfillment systems operations. Thus, thanks to the systems, brands can both increase performance and get rid of employee costs.

Product Packaging Process

After e-commerce companies start selling, there is a decrease in the sales of products and services in warehouses. To manage this process in a professional manner, companies manage the packaging process of hot-selling products and then send these products to warehouses. It is possible for brands to save time because the product packaging process is carried out only for products with high sales. 

Transportation and Logistics Processes

 Fulfillment service in e-commerce helps brands manage their transportation and logistics processes professionally. Because in this process, the transportation is carried out by the brands and the brands make the delivery to the warehouse. Since the shipping process is carried out by businesses that provide Fulfillment services, e-commerce companies can get rid of logistics costs at this point.

Customer Support

Every brand engaged in e-commerce is in the sector to reach a target audience and increase product sales. It is also very important for brands to provide the most appropriate service and support to this audience after reaching the customer base.

Consumers who want to shop through an e-commerce site often contact seller brands and want to get information about products and services. Most of the time, there is also a customer support service within the Fulfillment system. This service reduces the operational processes of companies that will sell products online with e-commerce and the need for a customer service department.

Getting support from experienced companies with expert staff in the execution of all these services will increase your work efficiency and at the same time minimize your costs. You can contact CargoNXT to benefit from fulfillment services and create your special package.